Fun in the Sun for Family and Friends

A day out at the Aquarium Destin Florida is sure to be an exciting holiday for families with kids. Open since 1955, the marine park has dolphin shows & adventures with seals, rays & even dolphins. The Dolphin Show at the Aquarium Destin is part of a two week tour which starts on Friday and runs through Sunday. All shows are available for children up to three years old and can be a fun way for the family to spend a day.

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The dolphins come to the Aquarium on Thursday nights through Saturday nights, with the Saturday show starting after dinner. Tour guides are friendly, informative & fun, and always have plenty of little toys & treats to give away to happy customers. There’s something for everyone in the tank from newborn bottlenose dolphins to older red and blue great white.

The Dolphin Show at the Aquarium Destin is not just a show! Every hour of every day, there is an educational activity or game to be played. Some popular activities include:

* Discover the Ocean with Underwater Boring: In this game, players get to explore the ocean under the guidance of a diver. During the game, players guide a diver through a series of tunnels and other obstacles to find the other end of the map. The last obstacle is a cliff with a drop. The objective is to make it to the finish line without going to the hole and falling into the water. Points are given based on how long it takes to get back to the starting point.

* Take a Dive Into the Aquarium with Sharks Underwater: For a bit more thrills, try sharks diving into the tank! This game is available in two different forms. Either play it online (which requires a membership fee) or in a set-up similar to a game of pool. In both cases, players guide a shark through a network of narrow passageways and turn over treats as the animal explores the undersea environment.

These are just a few of the choices available for a family vacation. It’s possible to customize experiences to fit all ages and interests. For example, you could take (and host) a Dolphin party! Or, host a Sea World party featuring sea-themed activities such as: a diver’s encounter with a sting ray or a visit from a clown fish. Whichever activity is chosen, Destin provides the perfect setting for family fun.