Aquarium Fish With Freshwater Eels

One interesting option for a new aquarium fish keeper is fresh water aquarium eel. These come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. It is also quite easy to care for these lovely fishes. There are certain facts that will help any potential or current aquarium keeper find the right type of aquarium for them.

aquarium eel

Freshwater aquarium eel usually prefer a tank stocked with calcium carbonate. Saltwater fish eel on the other hand prefers a tank with magnesium chloride or potassium chlorate. Although both of these can be used successfully, it depends on which species you have as some species prefer one type of material over the other. Some common saltwater aquarium eel species are the black moray eel and the blue blood white moray eel.

Since most saltwater aquarium eel species grow to about 3 inches long, the best placement is in a bowl shape tank that offers good circulation and space to keep the fish comfortable. Some species are fairly aggressive so they can get stuck on narrow objects. If you notice that your fish is fighting with other fish, then removing them from the group and introducing another fish into the tank may solve the problem. Another aggressive trait that some varieties possess is biting at other fish. Fish that display this behavior should be separated from other less aggressive species. In order for this not to happen, make sure that there are other fish in the tank to keep the eels from having to fight.

Once you have selected the proper size of tank for your freshwater eel, the fun part comes in finding the right species. Most species are attracted to natural nooks and crannies in the tank and will hide there. These hiding places can be wood, rocks, or shelves but keep in mind that some freshwater eels are territorial so taking up residence in an inappropriate spot could result in them attacking any new fish that enters the tank. Remember that there are several different types of fish you can put in the tank so it is important that you know which ones will fit best with your desired inhabitants. You may want to consult a few aquarists before adding any freshwater eel species to the mix so that you can get a better idea of what types will do well together.

In terms of maintaining your freshwater eel tank, you will need to add substrate once or twice a week. The substrate is generally a scoop of dried sea food but you can use almost anything that is made from a hard material. The reason why you want to add substrate is so the fish can maintain their own habitat by setting up their own coral reef. However, since the food is changed from time to time, you will want to periodically change out the substrate to keep the fish from becoming too dependent on the source of their food.

There are other things that you should look out for when looking at keeping fish with these eels as they can be very rewarding to have in your tank. The first thing that you should know is that the eel’s normal behavior is to “hide”. They have unique markings that serve as their defense and they use these markings to avoid potential predators. If you notice that there are missing or frayed areas on the skin, the eel is probably stressed out and you should take measures to calm it down. Once the stress level is down, the eel should start to display a vibrant display of colors and you will eventually see the eel start to outgrow its existing home.