Visit the Aquarium Panama City

aquarium panama city

Those visiting Panama City should visit the Aquarium Panama City. This attraction offers a variety of marine life and exhibits that will educate and delight visitors. There are also daily talks and demonstrations. The focus of the aquarium is marine mammals and other sea creatures. For a better understanding of these creatures, you should check out the interactive exhibits. They’re definitely worth checking out. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love the park’s bird habitat, which includes nesting ospreys.

One of the highlights of the Aquarium is its resident bottlenose dolphin population. This iconic gray dolphin is used to human contact and is often encountered while snorkeling. Even novice swimmers can enjoy this activity, as the water is shallow and calm. The dolphins are friendly and will not hurt you. They are also accustomed to humans and are easily spotted on a boat ride. The water at the St. Andrews Bay is ideal for amateur swimmers.

If you are traveling with children, you can try a dolphin experience. Visitors can grab a hold of the dolphin’s pectoral fins and gently push them upward. If you’re traveling with children, you can also take them to the aquarium’s stingray bay and experience close encounters with these intelligent creatures. You can purchase souvenirs at the gift shop, too. It is recommended that visitors wear a face mask when visiting the aquarium.