Three Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aquarium Chimer

An aquarium chiller is a mechanical cooling unit that is used in aquariums. They use complicated physics to cool the water. They work like a refrigerator by moving water through cold metal coils filled with refrigerant. This means they consume more energy than refrigerators, so they cost more to produce. However, this benefit can outweigh some of their negative features. Here are three important factors to consider when choosing an aquarium chiller.

An aquarium chiller is important for your fish, as it helps maintain a stable temperature. It also allows for a more oxygen-rich environment for the fish. A JBJ Commercial Arctica Titanium Chiller, for example, has excellent features and is easy to use. This aquarium chiller comes with an anti-freeze technology and is ozone-friendly. If you’re looking for the best aquarium chiller on the market, consider this model from JBJ.

If you have a smaller tank, a 1/13 HP aquarium chiller will be perfect. For larger tanks, a 1/4 HP aquarium chiller is ideal. The latter can chill up to 295 gallons of water per hour. The temperature control thermostat makes programming easy. A memory recall system keeps your settings even when power outages occur. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer of your aquarium chiller. You may find the right aquarium chiller for your aquarium based on its BTU/hr rating.

Another important feature of aquarium chillers is the temperature control. The temperature sensor in aquarium chillers monitors water temperature and will kick in when water temperature rises above a setpoint. Depending on your aquarium’s temperature, the aquarium chiller can be set to a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius or 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The chiller will then vent warm air from its internal heat exchange. Make sure to place your aquarium chiller away from the fish tank to avoid heat loss.

An aquarium chiller is an excellent way to keep the temperature of your water stable. The water output from the aquarium goes into the chiller, which cools it before it returns to the tank. This may require a separate pump to return the water. The type of aquarium chiller you purchase depends on the size of your tank and the extent of cooling required. In smaller tanks, a thermoelectric chiller or cooling fan system may suffice.

The Active Aqua Aquarium Chiller has an excellent performance rating with over 175 reviews on Amazon. The price range is $260 to $630 depending on size. The Active Aqua 1/4 HP model costs $378. It is an excellent value for money. It can cool up to 80 gallons in 20 hours. When used properly, it can drop the temperature two to five degrees in an hour. For smaller aquariums, a smaller chiller can cool the water as much as two degrees per day.

A properly functioning aquarium chiller is essential for the health of your fish. If you live in a warm climate, it can be difficult to lower the water temperature. The temperature of your tank can be influenced by other factors like heat spells and heat emitting equipment. A well-designed chiller will help maintain an ideal temperature for your fish. You should only run the aquarium chiller for 15 minutes per hour, if you want to ensure its performance.