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CANT SHIP THIS SPECIFIC PLANT TO CALIFORNIA ASK FOR SUBSTITUTE IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA Welcome to my listing. I specialize on live aquatic plants. Please check my store for more amazing plants *********REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY FROM US*** ALL PLANTS ARE GROWN IN FLORIDA AND SHIP FROM FLORIDA HERE IN THE US *** *** YOU WILL RECEIVE AS A GIFT 5 STEMS OF A DIFFERENT EXTRA MYSTERY PLANT OF MY CHOOSING*** *** *** This listing is for 6 stems of cabomba furcata . The plant you will received will be similar in color, shape and size as the one in the first picture. DESCRIPTION Care Level: Beginner Light Needs: Medium Plant Structure: StemFamily: Cabomba Genus: FurcataNative of: Central and South AmericanLocation: North AmericaGrowth Rate: MediumCan Be Grown Emersed?: No only submersed Originally from Central and South American Cabomba Furcata grows in calm waters with little movement. It can live in soft water, temperature from 18 to 30 ° C. and with a pH of 5 to 6.8. Its flower is white or violet in color. If this plant is grown in a group it gives a very striking aspect to the aquarium, specially when planed in the company of other cabombas like the green variety that we also sell in our ebay store. It is a fast growing plant so it helps to clean the aquarium of harmful substances and the control of algae. It is very easy to propagate thru cuttings of mature plants. In order to make the red colors to pop it is recommended to feed an iron supplement in the aquarium. SHIPPING EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM FLORIDA. SHIPPING: No international shipping. I ship to every state including Puerto Rico. Hawaii and Alaska. I usually ship Monday- Thursday. If you buy your plants after Thursday 10 am your plants will be ship next Monday. This is done cause usps does not delivers to many locations during the weekend and plants ship after Thursday 10 am have a higher chance of not being delivered by Friday and spend 2 extra days sitting in an usps warehouse, the more time they spend in the box the more they deteriorate PAYMENT: Only Paypal is accepted as a form of payment 14 DAYS RETURN POLICY: You can return the plants in the first 14 days, even if the reason is you do not like how they look in your tank. Please be aware that you will be paying the shipping cost of the return. Before starting a return case or sending anything in the mail please contact me to arrange the details. DEAD ON ARRIVAL and OTHER PROBLEMS: If you receive dead or damaged plants, wrong plants, not as described etc please make sure you take pictures of the plants and of the box and shipping label and you send me a message here on eBay with the pictures attach to it. Remember to take picture of as many plants as possible not just 1 or 3 stems. Please do not delay on sending pictures of damaged plants or boxes. DO NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK OR OPEN A CASE. Your problem will not be solve any faster that way and it is considered extremely rude without contacting the seller so we have an opportunity to make things right . I can solve any issue you have with my plants if you let me know what is going on and give me some time to answer to you. CONTACT ME: If you have any questions or need advice on how to care for aquatic plants I am happy to help, just send me a message here on eBay. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 48 HOURS TO ANSWER THE MESSAGES. I usually have many customers emailing me every day and need some time to get to your message. God bless Disclaimer: It is against the law to release live aquarium plants in lakes, rivers or any other body of water. The plants on this auction are only meant to be use inside an aquarium as a hobby and should be kept away from any body of water natural or man made.. The buyer is responsible to dispose properly of plants that he/she does not need or want, excess plants,trimmings, roots etc so they do not invade any body of water. The buyer is responsible to know what plants are allowed in its state, county or municipality and to follow the particulars laws on live aquatic plants that the agriculture department of each state has established. Please remember that as a buyer you are required to know what plants are legal to keep on your state. You should know this before placing any order. It is the sole responsibility of the costumer to know the local regulations on lie aquarium plants on his state, country, municipality etc

  • CO2 Injection: Not Required
  • Water Type: Fresh
  • Lighting Requirements: Medium - High
  • Rich Based Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Water Temperature: Tropical
  • Growth Rates: Fast
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Species: Cabomba