New York Aquarium Hours of Family Fun

Aquarium hours are located at the main entrance of the San Diego Zoo. These “aquarium hours” are calculated based on the opening and closing times of the zoo. All aquarium guests are required to have their tickets scanned upon entering the zoo. There are also other areas within the zoo that allow people to purchase tickets without having to stand in line. These include the Gift Shop, Discovery Center, and Marine Science Center.

aquarium hours

Purchase your discounted tickets in advance so that you can enter promotional code MILITARY along the checkout line. Valid only for complimentary admission to the new exhibit. For additional access to the new exhibit you will still be required to show your proof of military identification. The military discount is valid for general admission, single-day tickets, which are valid during regular zoo hours of 9a.m., to 6p.m., daily. The coupon discounts are: special rate for kids ages 12 and younger through seniors through discounts for multiple purchases, student discount for kids ages six through 12, and senior discount for everyone.

Along with aquarium discounts, the San Diego Zoo has several other promotions and coupons that you can save money on. For example, a recent promotion provided Zoo members a chance to save money on San Diego Zoo Admission. Zoo members will receive a complimentary admission to the new exhibit once they present their current printable San Diego Zoo pass or their e-ticket. Another way to save money on this popular attraction is to combine your Zoo admission with the purchase of a San Diego Zoo summer pass. This allows you to visit the zoo both in the summer and winter, and your fee is still included!

If you are planning a vacation or business trip to the region, consider purchasing tickets to see the whales, dolphins, sea lions and other sea and land creatures at the San Diego Zoo. The whales are housed in their own habitat in the Pacific Ocean, so you will see them in their natural habitats – including their food bowl, Nursing Care Center, where they get to interact with the animals they live with, and others. The dolphins experience the undisturbed waters off of the coast of southern California, while the sea lions enjoy their favorite spot at the San Diego Zoo’s Shark Encounter. (Nestled alongside their feeding areas.)

You can also visit the new exhibit at the New York Aquarium in January, which features some of the best dolphins and sea turtles in the country. If you are looking for the largest collection of marine reptiles in the U.S., the Conte Island Aquarium is the place to be. All ages are welcome at these exhibits, but children under two years old must be accompanied by an adult. (A good rule of thumb is that your kids need at least one adult to accompany them to the New York aquarium.)

These are just a few of the many marine displays that are available to visitors of the New York Aquarium, which has opened its doors once again. In addition to the aforementioned whale shows, dolphins, sea lions, and the aforementioned sea turtles, there is also a new exhibit called “Clawleys Island” that features four different exhibits all centered around the sea. This interactive exhibit allows visitors to interact with stingrays, crabs, lobsters, and even dolphins in an interactive environment. Another attraction at the New York Aquarium includes the Calla Lava Whale, the only whale show in the city, and the Stingray City, which are home to the largest population of sharks in the Western Hemisphere. When it comes to seeing marine life close up, in person or on television, the New York Aquarium is the place to go.