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– Support 30 days Return Policy – Answer Within 24 hours – Free Shipping   Description Features : They are durable in salt and fresh water. Beautiful detailed replica of nature. Ornament is made from non-toxic plastic material and makes an exciting ornament in any aquarium. Offer the natural environment feeling. Change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery. It is great to decorate your aquarium all the time with minimum responsibility and maintenance. Don’t need breeding, easier to manage, aquatic plants in water never wither and can maintain design. They’re are absolutely safe for fish and best of all, they won’t die, rot or cause any algae problem. #1 Moved by Water Currents Realistically Molded in Soft TPR Glowing effect under actinic lights Attaches to bottom of tank via suction cup and ultra thin clear string Air Bladder inside goldfish keeps it afloat in middle of aquarium . Water Type: fresh & saltwater Material: Silicone Size(L*H): 8cm x 5cm / 3.14” x 1.97” (approx) #2 Type:Clownfish Size: 6.8cm x 2cm x 4.5cm Material: Silicone Plastic Color:Yellow,Red,Green #3 Type:Fighting Fish Size: 6.8cm x 2cm x 4.5cm Material: Silicone Plastic Color:Blue,Red,Grey #4 Material: Soft Silicone Color: Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue (Depends on your Choice) Model: Small size/Large size Size: S: 10*6*2.5CM / L: 12*8*3CM #5 Material: Silicone Plastic Size: Approx. 15.5cmx9cm #7 Size: Approx.10cm x4cm Material: Soft Silicone Color: Red, Green, Orange (Depends on your Choice) #8 Color: Pink, Yellow, Brown Material: Silicone Size: 8.5cm*4cm #9 Material: Soft Silicone Color:Pink.Green.Blue,Orange.Purple.Orange Size Jellyfish Head Diameter Full Length S 5cm/1.97″ 17cm/6.69″ M 8cm/3.15″ 20cm/7.87″ #10 Feature: 1.Aquariums silicone simulation decoration. 2.Suction cup base coral. 3.6 color simulation coral aquarium decorations Color: Pink, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow Diameter:9×9×10cm Material:Silicone #11 Material:Plastic Color: Green / Red / Yellow Size:9cm / 13cm #12 Material: Resin Size: 6*5*7cm Color: Orange, Yellow, Green #13 Feature: 1.Aquariums silicone simulation decoration. 2.The simulation with some corals. 3. 6 colors simulation coral aquarium decorations Color: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow Diameter:7cm weight: 47g/pcs Material: silicone #14 Material: Plastic Plastic grass plant decor, easy to clean. Designed with a ceramic base, so they can stand firmly in the tank. It is not poisonous, and can make the fish have a happy playing place. You can rest assured use. #15 Material:Plastic Color: Green Size:25cm*25cm #16 Material: Resin Size: Pls Read the Details The Hollow Tree Trunk A(12.5*6.5*5cm) / The Hollow Tree Trunk B (9.5*7*6.5cm) / The Hollow Tree Trunk C(12*7*11cm) 150g Treasure Box (10*6*8.6cm) 121g / Pearl Shell House (12.5*12*5cm) / Pineapple House (7.5*7.5*13cm) 102g Arch Bridge(19*8.5*7.5) 430g / Pirate Boat (14.5*5.5*12cm) 102g / Yellow Castle (12*7.5*10cm) 131g

  • Main Colour: Multi
  • Water Type: All Water Types
  • Material: Plastic/Resin/Silicone
  • Type: Ornament
  • Features: Synthetic
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: Unbranded