Exotic Fish For Beginner Owners

aquarium loaches

Exotic Fish For Beginner Owners

When it comes to keeping fish in your home, not many people know that you can turn them into unique and beautiful aquariums with aquarium loaches. If you have not heard about these little charmers, they are the smallest freshwater aquarium pets and have an interesting personality. But before you go and get one, there are some things that you should know. This article will help you decide if you should purchase an aquarium of these pets or not.

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Many aquarium loaches are imported into new habitats and need to be handled and cared for differently than their native species that lives where they came from. One thing that you should know about is their cleaning behavior. The first thing that you should do is take a photograph of your newly imported fish and present it to a local retailer or dealer with your clean photograph. This will let them know what species of their new arrival that you have and it will also allow them to know how their cleaning behavior should vary based on the species that they are handling.

Many pet stores stock the very popular “coolie loach” or “prawn” variety of marine aquariums. These exotic species were bred specifically to be more tolerant of captivity and live longer than many native species. Unfortunately, they do not come with the same cleaning behaviors that their “native” counterparts do. As a result, many of these coolie loaches end up dying at the hands of other tank mates. If you are planning to purchase exotic or dwarf varieties of marine aquariums, make sure that they are tame and well behaved before adding them to your tank.

Another reason that so many “loaches” are having trouble surviving in the wild is because they are wasting away. This is a natural occurrence that you must learn to adjust to. This means that while the fish is young and healthy, they may live for two years or more without eating. As they age, they will begin to suffer from a variety of diseases and illnesses, and they will waste away as a protective response.

As a result, if you have newly added these exotic species of fish to your tank, do not expect them to last very long. In fact, some of them may die from their own wasting away. So, make sure that you have a plan in place to care for these new additions to your tank. There are a number of different types of insects that can provide the needed supplemental food for the younger fish. In time, as the Tank gets established and the “loaches” start to grow in numbers, you may find that they become your new favorite tankmates.