Bio Sponge Filter Aquarium Fish Tank For Up To 60 Gallon Fish Tanks. Fast Ship!

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Description: Keeps your tank sparkling clean. Filter provides mechanical and biological filtration for easy aquarium maintenance.Uses air driven system to create suction that allows sponge to capture particles in your water and returns clean water to your tank.Filters Bio system turns harmful wastes into beneficial bacteria that keeps your fish healthy and thriving.Super easy to clean. Just take some of your tank water and put into a small pot or bucket and lightly rinse your filter fiber all the while keeping your beneficial bacteria in place. Do not use tap water as this will destroy your bacteria. Also great for using in breeder tanks as the filter will not suck up your fry.We use these ourselves for all our tanks from 5 gallons up to 72 gallons and they are cleaning machines!Replacement sponges are cheap and easy to install. Lightning fast shipping as our feedback shows. Filter Dimensions: XY-180: Up to 20 GallonsMeasures base to top 6.5 inches. Width of filter is 3 inches. Sponge Height is about 4 inches. XY-380: Up to 60 Gallons. We use these in our 72 gallon tanks and do weekly water changes works perfectly.Measures base to top 8 inches. Width of filter is 4 inches. Sponge Height is about 4.5 inches. NEED A COMPLETE SPONGE FILTER KIT? CHECK OUT OUR OTHER LISTING TO SEE OUR COMPLETE KIT DEALS.

  • Tank Capacity: 60 gal.
  • Brand: Unbranded