Aquarium Vacuum Tubes Cleaner

An aquarium vacuum, sometimes called a floating vacuum cleaner, is a strong plastic tube of approximately 2″ in diameter which attaches to the end of a flexible siphon hose. You can purchase either manual or electric models, based on your individual preference and the size of your aquarium. They’re great for cleaning hard to reach places, like those under rocks or logs.

aquarium vacuum

There are several different types of aquarium vacuums available, so you’ll want to research your options before making a purchase. One model is a simple pump vacuum, which uses a standard garden hose to push water through a nozzle on the tank side. You use the same pump to power a pre-set filter, which removes sand and other debris from your water changes. Another version is powered by an air pump, which pumps the water through a pre-filter before feeding it into the filter system. The pumps range in size from small to large, depending on how much water you need to clean.

A simple aquarium vacuum will generally be set up so that you turn a handle, and the vacuum sucks up water and pulls it out of the aquarium tank, usually with a brush attachment on the tank side. If you have large aquariums or live plants or a lot of fine gravel, you may need more powerful motors. The motors are typically powered by a rechargeable battery, though they also can be plugged in directly to a regular household power outlet.

As far as what kind of aquarium vacuum cleaners to get, there’s quite a variety, depending on your specific needs. Some are specifically designed for soft corals and marine life. Others are specifically designed for herbivorous fish. Still others are made to clean shallow water systems. Regardless of what you want to use your vacuum for, it will typically be made to clean from the bottom up.

There is one type of vacuum that really is best for cleaning most aquariums, and that’s the gravel cleaner. Not only do these work well to remove all kinds of debris from the bottom of the tanks, but they also work well to keep the gravel in place. This is important if you’re trying to set up a tank with live plants. Without the gravel guard the plant roots can grow wild and break loose, spilling and splintering into your aquarium.

One important thing to take note of when shopping for an aquarium vacuum cleaner and one of the best ones to buy is the heir quick vac Pro Automatic gravel cleaner. This is an all in one unit that cleans your aquarium’s the best and keeps the gravel tubes clear. The eheim quick vac pro automatic gravel cleaner is powered by both electricity and ac batteries, making it very convenient and easy to use.