Aquarium Internal Filter 3-in-1 Multi-Function Pump 20 Gallon Fish Tank 80 GPH

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Description: This 3-in-1 power filter performs three functions at the same time: water filtration, water circulation and aeration. These compact and versatile units are ready to use – no additional tubing or circulation pump required. Install in a vertical or horizontal position right in your aquarium or sump.Feature:• Recommended tank size for water circulation and aeration: up to 25 gallon• Recommended tank size for filtration: up to 20 gallon• Max Flow Rate: 90 GPH (350L/H)• Adjustable flow rate• H-Max: 2.7feet• Voltage: 110V/60HZ• Pump Power: 4.5 Watt• Length of power cord: 5.66 feetDIMENSION: 1.57″ x 1.57″ x 5.12″INCLUDES: (1) Power filter(1) Spray bar (1) Aeration and Water outlet connector (Venturi)(1) Aeration tube Tips for Operation and Maintenance: • Spray Mode:This is the most common application. The installation is very simple for this “plug-and-play” filter. Just attach the spray bar to the filter body, place the filter body under water and watch it work!• Aeration Mode:The black “T” shaped connector is the aeration connector (Venturi). You can use it to replace the spray bar. Connect the aeration tube to the branch and leave another end in the air. Air will be pulled into the connector, mixed and discharging water to increase oxygen levels.• This filter saves your maintenance cost by not requiring a replacement cartridge. For routine cleaning, just take out the black bio-sponge and wash it with aquarium water every couple days to two weeks, depending on the load of your tank. This bio-sponge conducts both mechanical and biological filtration so the longer you use it, the better it is for your tank! • To clean cloudy water or remove chemicals, you can place pallets of activated carbon (not included) into the chamber in the center of the bio sponge.

  • Water Type: All Water Types
  • Model: DB-333F
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Flow Rate: 92 GPH - 350 L/H
  • Filter Location: Internal
  • Brand: JAJALE
  • Tank Capacity: 10 gal.
  • Type: Filter Pump
  • Max Head: 0.7M
  • UPC: 689231816224