Aquarium Divider for 10 gal aquarium , Free ship USA only.

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An Originalearth Colorado Creation; The Only true: Patented Adjustable Aquarium Divider on the market today. A Divider For fresh or salt water aquariums/ or water tanks. Provides easy flow through water circulationA safe and carefree way to place and maintain and separate fish within the same aquarium. No Suction Cups Required to fail youNo metal parts to corrodeNo cutting requiredEasy to install, easy to remove and cleanReusableMade in the USA, in Colorado(A money back guarantee if not satisfied.) The item for sale is the “Adjustable Divider” only. (the Aquarium and Rocks shown in the display are not for sale) The item for sale is the”Adjustable Aquarium Divider” Made in the USA In Colorado A true “One of a Kind” patented product. (This divider is not to be reproduced, copied or manufactured without written permission from the inventor.) Keep your aquarium looking attractive while separating aggressive fish. Nothing flimsy or unattractive about it! No cutting required If you have limited space, small fish, baby fish, a small or large tank and or aggressive fish, this item is for you. Put variety of fish together in one tank and enjoy your fish without worry! Semi- permanent reuse portable design. Easy and freely Flow through water filtration.A simple patented design to fits most 10 gal. aquariums. A worry free divider for the separation of sick, or aggressive fish, also geckos, and arachnids No cutting or measuring to fit. No metal parts to corrode. Virtually invisible in water.My “Adjustable Divider” can be used over and over. It is Easy to install, remove and clean. Compartmentalization for most 10 gallon aquariums.Provides a separate safe area from aggressive fish and other aquatic and non-aquatic creatures. This Adjustable Divider is the only patented product on the market. There are no metal parts to corrode.Virtually invisible in water a lasting acrylic reuse product.Great idea for the Fish store, professional breeders and novice fish owners . Expand you ability to separate fish. clean aquariums without removing fish. Great for other smaller aquatic creatures. Easy to install and remove. Virtually invisible in water. Attractive clear “see-through” design and construction. Custom and or larger dividers can be made upon request for, 20L or 20H gallon.Dividers for 40 gal, or 50 gal or 55 gal or 75 gal aquariums, or Bowfronts and rimless water tanks provided upon request. Contact me for a price quote. Sold on Ebay only Other colors blue, black, clear, green, available upon request. Please note:Upon ordering larger sizes,your order please indicate whether a 20H or 20L Aquarium. Measurements and or manufacturer very helpful. Please note: Reproduction of this patented divider is prohibited by Law.This invention is my hobby. I am a US Army Veteran just enjoying life one day at a time creating a quality idea.

  • Water Type: All Water Types
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Tank Capacity: 10 gal.
  • Brand: Originalearth Creations
  • UPC: Does not apply