Aqua Culture Betta View Half Gallon Fish Tank with Base

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Even if you’re entirely new to owning fish, keeping them happy is easy with this half-gallon tank. It’s ideally sized for betta fish, providing the perfect habitat for the colorful Southeast Asian natives with its shallow design. The small size lends itself just as easily to goldfish, small freshwater fish varieties and even snails. Aqua Culture Half Gallon Fish Tank:Gravel, decorations and fish sold separately0.5 gallon fish tank dimensions: 9.75″L x 3.80″W x 6.25″HAqua Culture aquarium has a full hood with easy feeding portImpact-resistant plastic, child-safeModern design half gallon tank; full hood with baseEasy to set up and maintainDesigned for freshwater fishHalf gallon tank ideal for first-time fish owners.

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Model Number: ACB005BK