90-1450 GPH Aquarium Fish Tank Fountain Submersible Water Pump

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KEY FEATURE: · WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for fresh/salt water aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems · FUNCTION: Circulate and aerate the water, making it more attractive to your fish or turtles · OPTIONAL OUTLETS: Fits different ID (inside diameter) tubing · DURABLE & CLEANABLE: Designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation. It is anti-corrosive, acid-resisting and durable, easy to clean SPECIFICATION: · Voltage: 110 – 120 V @ 60 Hz · As this water pump is submersible, and need to be put into water fully before power on to avoid the water pump burning out. · Please clean it regularly in case of debris blockage, the pump would make noises if blocked by debris · Suction cup mounting feet for either vertical or horizontal mounting · Contains no seals or messy oils DIMENSION: Max Flow Rate (GPH) H-Max (feet) Length of power cord (feet) Outlet Inlet Dimension (LxWxH) Adjustable 90 2.0 4 5/16″,1/2″ / 2″x1.75″x1.25″ Yes 160 3.6 4 5/16″,1/2″ / 2.50″x1.75″x2″ Yes 265 4.2 4.5 5/16″,1/2″ / 2.75″x2″x2.625″ Yes 400 5.2 5.9 5/8″,1/2″ / 3.25″x2.25″x2.75″ Yes 660 8.2 5.9 3/4″,1″ / 4.25″x3″x4″ Yes 1050 11.5 8.2 3/4″,1″ / 5.25″x3.5″x5″ Yes 1200 13.0 8 3/4″,1″ / 5.2″x3.5″x4.5″ Yes 1450 16.4 7.5 3/4″,1″ 1″ 6.75″x4″x6″ No NOTE: · As this aquarium pump is submersible, and need to be put into water fully before power on to avoid the aquarium pump burning out.· Please use socket with stable voltage and keep the motor running within rated power to ensure long lifespan.· If the water pump is stuck by anything like Mud, garbage, sea salt, etc. need to be cleaned with clean water before use. · Prohibit no-load running. Put the pump into water first before connecting power supply. When changing water, please disconnect power supply. It would shorten its lifespan and lead to making loud noises when running in the air for long time. INCLUDES: 1 PC of Pump 2 Sets of Outlet adapters

  • Water Type: All Water Types
  • MPN: Does Not Apply
  • Brand: AQUANEAT
  • Type: Submersible Water Pump