Aquarium Nails – Adding A Design To Your Aquarium

aquarium nails

Aquarium Nails – Adding A Design To Your Aquarium

Aquarium Nails, also called Aquatic Sand, are a common part of the aquarium hobby. As the name indicates, these are aquarium-grade nails. They are hollow and usually have a strong glue base that makes them easy to install into a substrate. However, just like with sand, the quality of the aquarium nails you use can make a big difference in how well your aquarium holds up.

AQUARIA Nails generally level: Intermediate. Aquarium Nails generally are either hollowed out nails or two unbraced nails sewn together to make an “easily fillable” aquarium nail, usually full of water and other bits, beads or other objects that match the theme of the aquarium. These are the easiest aquarium nails to make and often come as premade decorative patterns. Many hobbyists make their own artificial nails by filing down a soft vinyl material to the shape they want and gluing it to a sheet of latex. These nails can be painted with acrylic paint to mimic different glittery materials or covered with baby oil to make a sort of faux nail art.

CUSTOM Nails A person can order all kinds of aquarium nails. Some acrylic nails look like fingernails and they are available with different glitter designs, glitters and baby oil glitters. One type of this kind of acrylic nail is called “nail art”, which means artwork applied with nails. This may include different colors of glitter, different designs and patterns, or any other pattern you choose.

HAZEL Nails Gel nails are a form of artificial fingernail art that looks just like a real fingernail. It looks great when applied with baby oil, but can be removed with acetone. These nails look great on a variety of glass and acrylic aquariums. The best part about gel aquarium nails is that they are painless and you can get many different designs and patterns.

Clear Tip Nails Clear tip aquarium nails are made from a material that is clear and differs only by color. They have no pigment and they look just like a regular fingernail. If you like to do “designer” nails, these are the ones for you.

You can find all sorts of aquarium nail art on the Internet. Glitter is always a popular addition to any aquarium and if you do not have glitter in your current stock, you may want to consider some of the new glitter products on the market. Some of the new glitters are very shiny and even have a little bit of glitter in them. You can apply these glitters to your own nails or buy them already glitter-free.