6 small Amazon frogbit,Limnobium laevigatum,Live aquarium/Aquatic/Floating plant

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For sale are indoor tank-raised live Amazon frogbit. They are floating aquatic plant that are easy to grow and no fertilizers is required. The pictures shown are just for reference of how the plant look like in my guppy tank surface. You will get six small size plants per order and I always put one or two extra for you. Each plant will have two to four leaves. The leaf size is similar or smaller than a dime. Their light requirements is more flexible than I think. I had tried incandescence light bulb, LED light bulb and fluorescent tube. All proofed to be okay. Please don’t be surprised when you see tiny ramshorn snails in the package because I use them as a biological control agent of algae problem. To remove them is easy. Just hand pick or use large pellet food to attract them and then….. Frogbits are hardy, they can survive even without roots. So, don’t worry when you received frogbits with NO VISIBLE ROOTS because the roots were eaten by the snails. Once you remove the snails, the roots will regenerate in a few days. The root length seems to be affected by water flow and water depth. If you grow them in stagnant or slow moving water with water depth of about one feet, they will produce long root of more than a feet. In shallow water, they don’t grow that long. In high current aquatic tank, they grow very slow or even stop growing. ABOUT SHIPPING FEE I usually ship using USPS FIRST CLASS PACKAGE for small orders. This service is calculated by ounce rather than by pound. If you check it online, you will find that the shipping fee is lowest compared to others like Fedex or UPS. The most interesting thing about the rate is ‘Buy more and pay less’. For example, if you buy two lot, the shipping fee will be the same as buying one. If you buy four lot, the shipping fee will be the same as buying three. Please ask me for revised invoice if the payment system does not work when you check out. PLEASE READ Temperature is very important for live delivery of plants. Please check the ten day weather forecast in your location before placing your order. If the temperature in the coming days is too low(below 32F) or too high(above78F), please do not order. In case of D.O.A (Dead On Arrival) please open the bag. Take clear picture of the dead plants on top view or front side and email to me within 5 hours from delivery. I will refund the cost of the plants but not the shipping cost. If you want me to send replacement, please pay for the shipping fee thru paypal. If you made a purchase it means you agree with my policy. Thank You! ABOUT FEEDBACK Some seller rely on positive feedback for their business and they strive for it. I’m happy to receive too. But if you leave me negative feedback without prior communication, I will add you to my block bidder list and you will no longer be allowed to purchase from me in the future.

  • Water Type: Fresh
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Water Temperature: Tropical
  • Difficulty Level: Beginner
  • Species: Frogbit
  • UPC: Does not apply